Anavig Trail

This trail is a loop through Forestry Commission land just over 2 miles long. At the Kyleakin roundabout take the Old Kyle Farm Road exit and park on the right in the layby. This is where the trail begins.

anavig loop kyleakin parking by

Take a look at the info board for extra detail on the two walks here…

Two walks at Kyleakin by

Take the joint trail from the parking, over a wee bridge and up. At a fork take the right hand path and follow the post with the red band for the Anavig Trail.

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Pretty, up and down trail through birches, many different sphagnum mosses and ferns.

macro mosses on anavig trail by

pink sphagnum moss on anavig trail by

You may see a Forestry Commission warning sign along the path, if there is tree harvesting going on you might want to double back and take the alternative trail, the Cnoc Trail which is shorter.

If you carry on up, at the brow of a rise you will look down over the forestry extraction and you may also see the big machinery used to cut and remove trees, along with many stacked trunks.

forestry harvesting at kyleakin by

The trail has been destroyed in places and beyond this point you have to do a bit of path-finding to stay on the path, you will need to climb over logs and debris at times. Take care here. The trail follows the contour at the base of the hill and stays above the stream. At a fork, go left and uphill, over more machinery tracks!

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The trail is restored again and takes you back towards Kyleakin, with the hills at Kylerhea to the right of you. Walk through conifers up to a T-junction in the path and go left, following the red band on the post. This is the high point of the trail with panoramic views.

top of anavig trail by

seat with a view on anavig trail by

As you walk this path, you turn north and more wide open views are revealed, the islands of Pabay, Scalpay, Raasay and Rona beyond. The trail rounds the hill top and heads back to Kyleakin, opening another panorama of the Skye Bridge and Kyle. Eilean Ban, the house next to the lighthouse under the bridge, was the home of writer Gavin Maxwell.

Skye Bridge and Kyle by

You’ll pass the wee broadband station on the hilltop before you start to go back down to the parking.





Bins for general and dog poo at the parking place.





Hector’s Bothy over the Skye Bridge in Kyle!




Recycling facilities in Kyleakin