Skinidin Loop

Loop trail through Forestry Commission land just north of Broadford on the A87 with spectacular views on it’s outer edge across to mainland and Skye Bridge. An ideal bike and dog walking trail too, since there is no grazing. There is  a big parking area but height restriction so high-top campers are better off parking up beside the cemetary on the roadside.

Skinidin signpost by








Follow the well made trail down from the parking to the shore and over a bridge. At the first fork, follow the right hand trailRathad na Cluinne, the Childrens’ Path.

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Stay on the broad trail right the way around, taking in views to the left out to sea and towards the mainland. Not much need for explanation on this trail, so here are a few images of the outer section of the walk:

Cyclist at Skinidin by

Red Cuillin from Skinidin by

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Rise in path Skinidin by

Up this rise in the path you’ll find a well-placed bench with great views to take in. From this point onwards, the path drops again back towards Broadford. You’ll see the new Campsite:

Broadford Campsite by

Then take the right fork at the next signpost and go up a very short steep rise to follow the path alongside the road. The trail joins up with sections of the old road in places…Loop walk with Beinn Na Caillich by





road and old road by

Saw some early gorse along the old road:

early gorse by

The path then rises up to the cemetary and leads back to the car park.

Skinidin Cemetary by


There is a rubbish bin just inside the gate to the cemetary.


pick up poo google images

There’s a dog-poo bin at the entrance to the car park.


Nice coffee at Cafe Sia, in Broadford.